Quezzy The CEO is a Video Portrait Photographer, Motivational Speaker, Author and Certified Life Coach. He speaks on various topics including relationships, business and self-development but is most known for his self love and positive thinking affirmations. 

  • Real Name: George C. McLeod III

  • Born: October 24th 1982 in Fayetteville, North Carolina

  • Nationality: Black (African American)

  • Height: 5'9"

  • Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

  • Graduated : Ridge view High school 2000

  • Occupation: Video Portrait Photographer, Motivational Speaker, Social Media Content Maker, Author, Life Coach, Entrepreneur. Founded Cyberreality Media LLC (05/14/18), Received Life Coach Certification: (14/11/19)

  • Mission: Quezzy The CEO is now known as the "Positivity Ambassador".  After being released from federal prison on July 15th, 2018, he decided to use his past experiences to show people that everyone is capable of changing their life and becoming the person they were always meant to be. Quezzy's goal is to help people develop and maintain a positive outlook and attitude towards life and to remind people that no matter what you are going through there are people out there who are going through the same difficulties and hardships that you are. Quezzy believes that everyone has the power and ability to overcome their circumstances. After living a life of negativity for so long he now wants to walk in his purpose of helping people live the fulfilling and successful life they have always wanted to live.